Saturday, June 7, 2014

Math Foils Me Again

Went to the building supply store this morning, eager to buy the foam board and 1x2"s to build my crypt entrance. They didn't have 4x8' board, but they offered a discount on 2x4' boards, so I bought (what I thought was) enough for both projects...

I had the schematic with me, and it spelled out how many boards I needed for the two projects. Since I was getting 2x4 instead of 4x8, and since 2x2=4 and 4x2=8, I reasoned that I needed twice as many of the smaller boards as I had listed in the larger sizes. Having completed my purchases, I returned home and commenced laying out my wall. all went "pear-shaped." If you saw this coming- congrats! Turns out, through some bizarre property of math, that you need four 2x4' boards to equal one 4x8' board. In one fell swoop, I went from more than enough for both projects to a bit more than enough for one project.

Meanwhile, the adhesive wasn't bonding to the foam properly, which meant my boards didn't stick to the wooden frames. The wood glue didn't adhere to the wood, so the frames fell apart. And it was hot and sunny, so I got cooked and burned.

For a day's worth of work, all I have to show are two boards glued to two pieces of wood, various other pieces of wood cut to length, and sunburn.

This is why I started in June...

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