Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finishing Touches

Another beautiful day, which we made full use of. Put up the partial wall on the crypt, the rear barrier to keep folks out of the garage, and glued the 3rd crypt wall together. Added some finishing touches to the crypt facing and the roof, plus little bits here and there.

The pics below show the crypt during the day and at night. You can see the addition of two gargoyles on the roof, door knockers on the front walls, and a bat hanging inside the crypt.

The gargoyles and false wall show up better in this shot. We added the wall on the front corner, as the existing structure wasn't convincing- this at least looks like it's a corner:

Close-up of the false wall. It adds some depth and carries off the broken-wall look we're after:

The view from the street:

The front of the house, day and night. We still have more lighting to add:

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