Saturday, October 18, 2014

Good Day/Bad Day

Call this one a draw, or a slight loss...
First, shopping at Michaels craft store for their Halloween clearance. Yeah. Clearance. Not even Halloween yet, and they're already selling it all off and putting up Christmas...

The upside is we can get great discounts on decorations and still have time to incorporate them into our display!

Today we picked up a bunch of Spookytown buildings and accessories to add into our display. Check out the video below!

This afternoon was supposed to see the crypt interior walls go up, with the crypt being completed tomorrow. Instead, one wall ended up in four pieces, and my shoulder ended up completely non-functional. I'll need a full day just to rebuild the wall, before I can even think about doing the crypt...majorly disappointing!

Oh well- check out Spookytown:

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