Sunday, September 1, 2013

Angels are GO!

Another painful, painful day with the chicken wire, but our Angels are complete and we're ready to begin applying the Monster Mud tomorrow! We found some "Zombie" arms designed to be staked into the ground; the hands are close to SpiderWitch's in size, so they'll work fine. They slip into the end of a plastic water bottle perfectly. It was hot, so we had plenty of empties to use as handholds.

I finished making the armatures and test-fit the dresses while SpiderWitch painted the wings with a sealer to everything waterproof. The paint also imparts a nice, stone-like finish to the materials.

The finished products: Three Angels ready to be covered in mud and paint. Oh, and about the, ah, comment.

Poor SpiderWitch! The Angels are taller than her!

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