Saturday, September 21, 2013

Non-Rolling Stones Gather Moss

Took advantage of the calm before the storm (tomorrow) to work on our last few projects. First up was the Scene Setter- got that taped to the weed fabric, so the next step will be to hang it and mark the grommets, finish taping the seams, and then cut it to fit the wall. The hard part is done though.

After that was finished, I weathered the tombstones with a bit more black paint, then drybrushed with a sponge to get a lighter gray highlight. Added some orange-gray spots of lichen, then glued moss to make it look like it's been in the ground for years and years. Turned out pretty snazzy I think:
That's a lot of tombstones. 
Some close ups:
Final project was the sign for our cemetery. It was originally green with gray writing, but I figured  a metallic look would be better.
Might add glow-in-the-dark paint to the silver lettering.

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