Sunday, September 15, 2013

T-minus 15 and counting...

With 15 days left until we begin setup, figured I'd recap what's done and what still needs to be done:

1) Weeping Angels.
Built, sealed, painted. Still need to determine wing attachment, then weather them.

2) Cauldron and logs
Done. But we bought a BIGGER cauldron, so I'm working on it.

3) Candelabras
Two built and painted, need to determine if we're doing a third, and then make candles for them.

4) Tombstones
Tinted some Drylok grey and painted the small tombstones with it, before giving them a light weathering. One more pass of weathering to hit the details and they'll be done.

5) Scenesetters
Looks like the adhesive will work on the vinyl, so next step will be to start working on whole panels. We're going to start from scratch and open the unused packs, as this will likely be the last year we use this material.

6) Spooky Wreaths
Wreaths have been painted, bones and tulle need to be applied.

7) Fog machines/chillers
Have trash cans, need dryer vent hose and then a test run of the foggers to make sure they work.

Rain forecast for most of this week. Looks like a race to the finish line.

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