Sunday, September 29, 2013

Candles, Rain, More Candles and More Rain

Not much to report today- the storm continued to dump on us all day long, with little pause. Still, I was able to work on the porch, cutting some more candles out of the PVC. I've got one 5 foot section to go, but with 15 feet cut I've got just under 30 candles between 6 and 8 inches high (for some reason, I ended up with 3 7-inch candles).

I tried to use the hot glue gun SpiderWitch bought me, but it didn't work- never got hot enough to create the drips I need to look like melted wax. So, that's on hold until we get a better gun. Meanwhile, though, I'll glue some of the candles together to create groups.

I've also been browsing a bunch of web tutorials on hard-wiring the tea lights. This would be a LOT easier than manually turning them on and off every night, not to mention cheaper as we wouldn't have to replace batteries. It seems fairly straightforward, but I've got more research to do.

Here's a quick pic of just the candles:

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