Monday, September 2, 2013


We have Angels!
Started about 10 this morning, and finished up about noon. Monster Mud is awesome stuff- a bit hard to get it into the fabric, but once embedded, it went on like a dream and held its shape perfectly:
These were taken after the initial coating of Monster Mud. We didn't really have to add the pleats, as the weight of the mud formed them on its own. Not sure about the arms yet, we may go a different route- but for now, they help to hold everything up, so they're ok.

After a pause for lunch, we started working on the heads. The original plan was to use yarn and braid it, then arrange it on the heads.

Yeah. Not the best idea. The glue didn't hold well, the braiding took forever, and the yarn was still too narrow to really make a realistic hair pattern. So SpiderWitch hurried off to Spirit Halloween for some wigs.

It took a while to get the mud into the wigs, and arranged on the foam heads, but she did a great job creating unique hairstyles for each Angel. The results speak for themselves:

Here's Drac Jr. posing next to one of the Angels:

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