Friday, September 13, 2013

Crazy Busy Day

Knocked off a bit early from work, so we hit the thrift stores for parts- got a good score with 3 chandeliers! Added bonus: found a NEW Halloween store- mostly costumes, but some props. Picked up a huge cauldron, immediately gave it the oatmeal and glue treatment.

We have our neighborhood garage sale tomorrow, so SpiderWitch spent the afternoon prepping for that while I worked on projects. Got two candelabras done, but what a pain that turned out to be!
 The two finished candelabras. The left one has been primed, the right one is ready for priming. You can see the original chandelier on the right; the one on the left has had the lamps removed for further assembly. (Which means, the damn things hang from the bottom via a hook, and I've no clue how to make them stand upright to hold a candle!)

 This one stands about 6 feet tall. It's not as sturdy as I'd like, but it's the best I could do with the materials at hand. Apparently, 1/4" threaded rod isn't a universal standard...

This one is a bit shorter, coming in at around 5 feet. Much sturdier. Same issue as the first one though- one set of nuts and lockwashers for 1/4" threaded rod doesn't work on another 1/4" threaded rod. Who the hell designs this stuff? I should be able to swap any 1/4" rod with any other 1/4" rod and have the hardware fit.

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