Monday, September 16, 2013

Candelabra Light Test

Put the candelabras together with some heavy duty glue, hopefully this will hold everything more securely once it dries. SpiderWitch picked up some LED flicker candles (made from real candles!), so once we do a little touch-up paint, maybe some cobwebs, we'll be done with this project.

 Close up of the candles. They fit perfectly in the cups which held the bulbs when it was a chandelier, and they're vanilla scented!

The lights flicker like a real candle, and the wax body lets the light shine through. Very realistic effect.

Full length picture, the structure stands about 5 feet tall. It turned out pretty good, I'd say.

 This was taken about 7:45, the sky was a bit darker than it appears in the pics. Nice glow from the candles, not too much light being thrown off.

After it was completely dark, I checked it again. A very nice glow, and a fair amount of light- not enough for the trick-or-treaters, but a decent amount. 

Full-length shot of both candelabras. They stand about 5 and 6 feet tall, giving a nice spread of light as well as an interesting layout visually. Should we do one more? Still debating that...not much time!

 Drac Jr. wanted to get in on the action. First up is my smilin' vampire. This is a really good pic, because he hates the flash and normally blinks.
 Vampires don't smile, he assured me before the next picture.

This is his favorite pose, the cape wrapped across his face. Turned out pretty well, no flash and no overhead light- only the candles and the timer function to allow a steadier shot with the extended shutter.

Finally, a test of the lights using the porch light and ambient background light:

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