Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cauldron Update- 2

A cloudy but warm day today, so the family went outside to work on projects. SpiderWitch worked on some gardening, then drafted me and junior to help spread bark. Junior drew chalk pictures, and I worked on the cauldron.

I started off with a brown wash (the color was actually "Espresso", so a light coffee-color) of thinned acrylic. This toned down the black and gave an all-over brownish patina look to the cauldron. Then I put brown, red, orange, and black acrylic on a small plate and dabbed my brush into it, before stabbing it randomly over the cauldron. This gave me a mottled appearance as the colors blended into different shades and hues.

When that was dry, I went over it with a mix of red/orange/black which created a dark red-brown color; thinned down, it made a great wash. The colors on the cauldron blended together a bit more and the whole cauldron looked like a single piece of battered, rusted metal.

Not the best shot, as the colors are too dark.  

Better- you can see the blending.  

The other side  
When it's completely dry I'll see if it needs any touch-up. Don't want to keep messing with it, so I'm going to limit it to any really glaring issues.

EDIT: Took a look at it in sunlight- it's fine. Looks like an old, beat, rusted, fire-baked cauldron.

The layers of rust really show here  

Not as much red on this side, but it still looks like it's been burned in a fire.  

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