Friday, August 30, 2013

Progress, painful painful progress

Got the logs for the fire done, and finished the torsos for the Angels. All in all, a pretty productive day. However, it came with a cost- I look like I lost a fight with a bobcat thanks to the chicken wire. That stuff is just EVIL!!! Both legs, both arms, hands and feet are covered in scratches where the wire rolled back on me. But, I think it was worth it overall.

Finished cutting the logs, shaping them, and painting them. Did a quick light test to see how they look:
 The lights are orange and a red-violet color which looks very pale in the photo. The logs have the red lights inside them, while the orange lights are gathered into a pile in the center beneath the cauldron.

 I think I need to cut a few more holes in the logs to get the glow I want. Also some shorter strands of lights, or fewer of them. But now that the prop is basically done, I can play with the lights as I get time.

The cauldron is a nice glowing green- it's much brighter and lighter in real life, but this is also an interesting color. You can't see any of the cauldron detail, or the logs, but that's okay- they're more for the daylight when the lights are turned off.

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