Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weeping Angel- Phase 0

Yep. Back to the drawing board.

I took the body mold of SpiderWitch and shot it full of GreatStuff expanding foam. Trouble is, it didn't expand as much as I thought it would. I stuffed the leg openings with bags and taped them shut, then started spraying the foam in through the neck and an opening in the tape along the waist. I had visions of the foam expanding, the suit filling, and me frantically trying to keep it from spilling all over the lawn.


Oh, it expanded. From about the width of a straw to the width of my finger. But that was it. I'd need about 5 cans to fill the entire model. And I'd have to layer it in there, bit by bit.

Okay- back to the drawing board.

We don't really need a figure underneath- just something to give body to the dress. So we're going to build an armature to hold the figure, stuff shopping bags with paper and then stuff the dress, and use cardboard/papier mache for the exposed skin parts (should only be arms/neck. Then the whole thing gets coated in Monster Mud and paint and sealant and waterproof, and...

Meanwhile, much as I LOVE Halloween, I've got another project I can't wait to start:
At 5 feet tall, it's bigger than SpiderWitch
I've been in love with space as long as I can remember, and for me the most beautiful expression of humanity's ambitions to take our place in the stars comes from the Saturn V rocket. Your cellphone contains more computational power than all the computers combined which sent the astronauts to the moon. So we're sitting here, watching HBO's From the Earth to the Moon, and I can hardly wait to build this beauty. Our son shares my obsession (how many 5 year olds find a rock in the woods and tell you "It's anorthacite- a piece of the original lunar crust!" and demand it comes home with you? He tells me he's going to go to the moon when he grows up- I hope and pray he's right.

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