Friday, August 30, 2013

Weeping Angels- Phase 2

Yep, I'm confident enough to call it Phase 2. Got 3 torsos built, and a complete set of arms. Also cut the wire for the remaining two sets. And I've got a plan for molding the hands. We've got the stuff to make Monster Mud (drywall joint compound mixed with latex paint), so as soon as the other Angels are built and everyone's been fitted, we can start final assembly- maybe this weekend?!

 Hard to see in this photo, but she's got her arms on. I'm planning to rework the shoulders to a more sloping design, right now she looks like there's a lot of padding.

 Speaking of padding, my first attempt at forming her shape didn't work out so well. The plastic bags I used expanded and gave her the appearance of- uh- enhancements...

From the side, you can see the arms- and the issue I mentioned above. For some, completely unrelated, reason, she has a tendency to tip forward. SpiderWitch has promised to help bring her back into balance.

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