Monday, August 26, 2013

Updated Logs

Took an x-acto knife to the logs this afternoon, trying to make more of a charred effect. Didn't like it. So I took my pocketknife to the other log, for a much better (more random) effect. I'll put the first log in the back of the display.

 In the first pic, you can see the cuts I made with the x-acto knife. I need to paint it to touch up the edges, but the cuts are too evenly spaced- too "perfect". Not quite the effect I wanted.

Here it is without the flash. Much more light than previously, but the pattern is just- odd.

 So here's the new test log- I haven't painted it (I haven't even decide if I'm going to cut it in half), but I did cut some grooves into it. More light and in more unpredictable patterns. It's a bit more promising, we'll see how it looks with paint.

Again without the flash. Lots of light showing through the grooves, gaps, and the cuts I made with the pocketknife. More random. But it's HUGE! I'll probably cut it in half, maybe thirds.

So the foam logs aren't PERFECT, but they're better than nothing. I can put some real logs with them and it'll help the illusion- plus, the cauldron will be sitting on top of them and that will hide some of the imperfections. If I were to do this again, I think the key would be either the pattern of the foam, or putting some kind of exterior mold on while it's being sprayed or drying.

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