Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Halloween 2013

Started work on this year's add-ons today.

1) While the glowing green cauldron effect looks great at night, by day it looks like a cheap plastic cauldron. I'm working on that, with a technique I found at Dave Lowe Design. Some sites have posted their failed results, but either they didn't use enough glue or they didn't wash the plastic with a degreaser dish soap before they started. Mine worked fine- now to paint.

2) If I have time, I'll work up a fire for the cauldron- at least a bed of glowing coals. Next year will be better.

3) I'd like to create a camera rest or two for people who want to take timer pics. The past 2 years we've seen many people taking pics sitting in the graveyard. Great, I LOVE this! I wish they'd share them with me! Anyway- if I can work up a rest at the appropriate height and distance, without it screwing up the aesthetic, I think that would be useful. And I can put slips of paper with links to the blog, inviting them to share ;)

4) Vortex fog chillers- several great designs out there, going to try a couple to see how they work. The pics and vids I've seen have the perfect groundhugging quality I'm looking for.

5) I've got some extra scene setter, I might run it around the other side of the yard to enclose the courtyard on 3 sides- manage the fog better and control my light. Plus it helps create that sense of claustrophobia many people possess without realizing it.

6) The sine qua non, the ne plus ultra, the big enchilada...Weeping Angels! Don't know what they are? Go here to find out. All  you really need to know is this:
I know, right? (Photo property of BBC)
We're going to make1 in the resting state (normal statue) and 2 in a variation of this with the hands gradually moving away from the face and the head turning to look at the trick or treaters. If you don't know what they are, it's just a statue you might see in a graveyard. If you DO know, you'll know how frickkin' scary these things are. I'm not even a fan of the show! But after my wife showed me a clip, oh SERIOUS scare fun!

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