Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gotta stay off the internet...

Okay, I've finished one project of six...and I'm about ready to add a couple more!

First up- I've found the way I want to do the fireplace for my new cauldron, courtesy of Halloween Forum

It uses expanding foam and chicken wire to create a "log", which is then detailed with textured paint and stuffed with lights. The end result is shown below:

Pretty sweet

The next project is a great way to cover the garage door:
Simple, but effective

Images courtesy of the original owners, posted at Halloween Forum. If you're interested, stroll on over to Eerie Acres Cemetary and check out the rest of his stuff. The guy who posted the log tutorial doesn't have a site, but he goes by the handle OctART at HF.

At this rate, I'll NEVER finish!

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