Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weeping Angel- Phase .5

Bought the angel costumes, plus a set of feather wings (the ones with the costume were pretty poor), and a Greek goddess costume. So we'll have 3 distinct angels. Next step is to stuff them, make the armature, and start working on the dresses. I'm thinking of stiffening the material with starch to hold a basic shape, then slowly applying the mud to it.

Meanwhile, we need to take measurements of SpiderWitch's arms and transfer them to cereal boxes to cut out forearm/upper arm templates- we'll tape those, mache them, then smooth them out and paint them. Still have to figure out hands.

Also started work on the fire for the cauldron- it's going to be foam and chicken wire "logs" with lights shining from inside.

I'll get the stuff for the camera mount when we get the PVC for the armatures.

So- 1 project down, 3 others in various stages of prep, and 2 to start.

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