Friday, August 16, 2013

Weeping Angel- Phase 1

Put the final coat of primer on the cauldron this afternoon- but that was the run-up to the main event: creating the body cast for the Weeping Angel.

It took about 2 hours start to finish, with a lot of sweating and swearing. It was a lot harder to wrap the duct tape "tightly" on the plastic wrap than I'd thought it would be. The tape kept wanting to take a curved path instead of straight around, so I ended up with either extra layers or gaps, depending on which way it went.

All in all though, it turned out pretty well. We forgot to put baby powder on before applying the wrap, so it stuck to her skin and peeled off reluctantly- and painfully. But we now have a silver suit which had the rough shape of my SpiderWitch :)

Tomorrow we'll try to stuff it and see how it looks, then try and apply the papier mache. Hopefully it'll give us a smooth finish to work with.

View from the back

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