Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer in the Pacific Northwest

Ah, summer in the Pacific Northwest!

It rained today. A lot.

Which means no work got done on the cauldron. Oh well, the finish looks good, so I'll blast it again tomorrow, maybe through some sand on it after I paint it just to texture it a bit more. I'll start the detail painting this weekend, if all goes well.

Meanwhile, found an angel costume which comes with a dress and wings:
Sold at retailers everywhere
Cut the sleeves off and we'll be in business. Hit the dress with the spray starch, ditto for the wings, and then texture them with monster mud to prep for the final paint job.

Meanwhile, I'm truly amazed at what passes for "angel costumes" these days...what kind of angels are we talking about here? Nothing I'd put in my front yard, that's for sure...

...may have to get one or two for SpiderWitch however.

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